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Red F Design specialise in design for digital applications - both web-based and mobile. We always keep the user front of mind: Making the user interface (UI) intuitive to use whilst optimising the screen real-estate for the target platform. We use popular and innovative gamification technications to enhance the user experience (UX), thus enhancing the engagement and retention of the users.

Whilst games and gamification are two very different things, Red F Design have experience in game design. We like to use this experience for good causes and have a passion for helping people learn. We have contributed to Serious Games and Business Simulations, Social Learning & eLearning projects.

We offer our services to clients to help them develop anidea from conceptulization through to development.


Red F Design specialise in design.
Do you want to increase engagement and interaction on your website? Do you need assistance with designing immersive games or in making your apps more intuitive to use? Let us help you! Whether you need help conceptulising your next idea, a logo for your website or even just a name for a product -We can help with all aspects of design!


What if I want more than just the design?
Don't worry - we can help you with that too! Where possible, development will be carried out internally. However, depending on our resource or the scale of the project, Red F Design have carefully selected partners & third parties to ensure you get a premium service with the product you need at the end of it.


We understand that sometimes all you need is a little guidence. Gamification is a relatively new term - becoming more widely adopted, but still often misunderstood and misused. Mobile applications are becoming increasingly more popular and businesses late to the mark in getting online suffering. If your business needs help understanding these new terms and the tech' that's driving it, please, don't get left behind - let us help you!


Depending on the package you choose, Red F Design can offer lifetime support for products designed and/ or developed, by us, for your business. This spans from minor tweaks through to the maintenance and upgrades of your products.

If you need our support, please use the details in the contact us section.

"I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do." - Leonardo Da Vinci -

About Us

Red F Design is an independant design consultancy based in Bristol, United Kingdom. We focus on the design of Games and Gamified Web & Tablet Apps. We work with our clients to develop an idea from conceptulization through to development.

Our Philosophy

At Red F, we love games and love to connect with people who love games too! Games and gamification provide means of generating easy to navigate, intuitive to use, immersive and engaging interactive experiences.. When we are not working our own ideas, we can help you develop yours. Discuss your concept with us and let us make it come to life!

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    Design is what we do best. You don't necessarily have to come to use with an idea - we can help with the concepts too! Our designers can often visualise ideas in their heads almost immediately, even when the only information we have is a theme or a few ideas. Don't believe us? Put us to the test! We can produce interactive mockups to help you see the vision too.

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    Game Design

    From industry standard design documentation ((Design Dodumentation Game Design Documents (GDD's), Interaction Design Documents (IDD's), Technical Design Documents (TDD's) and Full Milestone Schedules (FMS)), to concept art, proof of concepts and the games themselves - we can do it all. Need something engaging on your website? A game is a great place to start. Why not let us add a unique learning twist too.

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    Web & App Design

    We don't just deal with interactive design. We can design cross-platform applications suitable for both mobile and tablets - making most of the target platforms hardware and making the best use of the available screen space. We can apply popular & innovateive gamification techniques (beyond the standard points, badges, leaderboards typically used) to enhance the experiece/

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    Where possible we will handle development in house. Where this isn't possible, we will source the development with trusted partners or carefully selected third parties. Talk to use about pricing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver total customer satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to become the UK's biggest (graduate) crowd sourcing community: It wasn't long ago when our founder was a second-year student looking for a placement - but struggled because lack of experience in the industry. We want to help students and other talented young adults get the experience they need to enhance (or even kickstart) their future careers, while delivering you, our customer, with the same top quality products you'd come to expect from any other provider

It wasn't long ago when I was a second year student looking for a placement year in the Games Industry, but struggled to get one because of the tough competition and was beaten by others with more experience than I had...

Our Skills

Game Design ( 90% )

Web & App Design ( 85% )

Development ( 70% )

Consulting & training ( 80% )

My goal is a very personal one: To help the students of today, in the position I was back then. The basic idea is our clients will get the same high-quality products they can expect from any other provider, whilst I get to do what I love in designing, and students of today benefit from the experience of real world projects and a written recommendation or reference at the end of it!


Mike is a Games Technology Graduate from the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol. Mike specialises in design, particulary for games, and has a keen interest in gamification and eLearning. Michael has spent the last few years working for a Business Training Company developing a "Tool Suite" to be used by non-technical staff to be able to digitise the company's huge catalogue of Business Simulations.

KARINA WILLIAMS - Translator (German & English)

Karina is a German and Translation Studies Graduate from Aston University. Due to having lived in Germany for 9 years and in the UK for 13 years, Karina is at native speaker level in both languages. Karina is well-organised and an excellent time-keeper. Her work ethic is very professional, in that she has high standards and optimum levels of integrity and honesty.

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition." - Steve Jobs -

What People Think

As a start-up, we don't yet have a huge portfolio of testimials. However, here are some statements from those we have done work for.


  • "We work closely with Red F Design on a number of game and learning based projects - the most recent being Habitocho. Red F designed out logo and have contributed significantly to our Kickstarter project."

    SARAH LE-FEVRE Founder - Games For Good
  • "Red F pay attention to even the smallest of details and have helped us signifantly with the design and layout of our website. They've also helped significantly with or social networking."

    ANDREW LINES Co-founder - Paranormal Camping
  • "Red F Designed handled the logo-design for DB Consult. Mike thinks out of the box and very quickly came up with a range of ideas, continually refining our chosen one based on feedback we gave until it was perfect."

    PHILIPP VON BOTH Trainer - DBConsult
  • "TCS is a relatively new start-up dealing with Sales Training. We don't just deliver courses, but source them too. Red F helped us brainstorm ideas for the company name and tagline, and handled all of the creative design work behind our logo."

    HELEN ATKINSON Secretary - Training Coursing & Sourcing
  • "Mike worked with ProfitAbility for two years on a number of our digital products: The Digital ProfitAbility (DPA) business simulation platform, the Decision Engine (strategy), the Extended Learning Map (Learning Journey planning tool) and a personal goal self-tracking app (leadership)."

    BRIAN HELWEG-LARSEN Co-founder & Director of Innovation - ProfitAbility Learning & Development Services
"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things." - Leonardo Da Vinci -

Our Portfolio

  • DPA: Simulation

    Business Simulation
  • Goal-Tracking App

    App Design
  • TCS

  • Toadal Recall

  • Learning Map Tool

    App Design
  • DB Consult

    Logo Design
  • Project Sketch

  • DPA: Interface

    Web/ Game Design
  • Paranormal Camping

    Logo & Web Design
  • GRÖW

  • DPA: Tool Suite

    Simulation Engine
  • Games For Good

    Red F Design partner

Latest News

Red F Design will be going live in the summer of 2014. But that doesn't mean we aren't already active building our network, relationships with partners and with prospective clients and costumers. For the latest news, see below, but stay tuned for more!

Launch Conference

Meet Mike, Red F's Founder, at the Launch Future Gaming & Digital Conference 2013...


Introducing ProfitAbility's new range of digital products: The DPA platform and more...


Mike is heading ProfitAbility's Digital Media Initiative. For More follow @Profitability...

DPA Approaches Alpha

Digital ProfitAbility is approaching it's alpha phase and has already been demoed to the likes of the ACCA, Great Game of Business and UWE, Bristol...


Sarah has met with potential developers and it's very nearly official: Games For Good's Habitochi project is soon to be Kickstarted...


Paranormal Camping will soon be going live. The website is generating large amounts of traffic, the Twitter following is growing, as is interest...

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The planned launch date for Red F Design is the Summer of 2014.
If you are interested in what we do, use the form below.

Note: Our website is a a work-in-progress: We are always open to feedback. If you have any suggestions on how to enhance our site, please contact me.